The White German Shepherd a full guide to know about this rare breed

The white german shepherd is a breed of dog that is closely linked to the typical german shepherd. They share a common ancestry, and the two breeds were once considered to be the same. However, the white german shepherd has developed into a distinct breed over time, characterized by its distinctive coat color. The breed is comparatively intermittent, accounting for less than 10% of all german shepherds registered in the United States. As a result, they can often be more expensive to purchase than others.


Many of the traits of white German Shepherds are the same as those of other German Shepherds. They are born in litters of five to ten puppies and can cost anywhere from $750 to $1000 as puppies.

How White German Shepherd Looks like

The White German Shepherd looks

White German Shepherd pups are adorable and appear like tiny balls of fluff. They do, however, develop quite fast, reaching half their adult size by roughly 4 months. They should have touched mature height by the phase of one year.

Because some breeders try to pass off German Shepherd hybrids as pure white German Shepherds, you should always buy from a reputable breeder.

The White German Shepherd considers between 50 and 85 pounds, with the male dogs being heavyweight than the female ones. They are a huge dog breed that stands between 22 and 26 inches in height at the shoulder. Females are, on average, shorter than males. They are a robust and athletic kind, which is reasonable considering that they were developed for working purposes. They have a haughty stance and upright ears and are quite powerful. Even as puppies, their feet are rather large!


Short coat and long coat Your White German Shepherd’s coat will be substantially longer than the coats of other German Shepherds in the breed. The fur is thick and straight, and it takes a long time to groom.

Their coat is usually really furry when they are puppies. As they grow older, their hair becomes rougher, but their ears stay fluffy. Their coat is also double-layered, which helps to protect them from hard winds and rain.

Color Type that makes them Unique

The White German Shepherd color

The White German Shepherd, of course, has a white coat. This is what distinguishes them as a distinct breed. It has only white hairs, although other features are all same as other breeds.

This enables recognizing a white German Shepherd a breeze, and they also look a lot like their wolf relatives. In every other way, they resemble a typical tan German Shepherd, complete with almost the same shade of dark brown eyes.


White German Shepherd

All German Shepherds, including the White German Shepherd, are recognized for great faithfulness. These are extremely loyal and make great guard or watcher dogs.

They are also very loyal and like being around humans, making them fantastic family dogs as well as working dogs.

As they’re so protective, training is necessary for your surroundings with them. Because if they see any new person in front of their guardian, just start barking and also sometimes get more crucial and bite the person.

White Shepherds are lively dogs who require intellectual stimulation. As previously said, they were bred as working dogs and like being outside running and playing.

They dislike being left alone and being confined to a tiny space, and they might get frustrated and violent as a result.

Potential Health Problems

However, just like any other dog, a White German Shepherd might have health issues. Almost all of the issues that they are more prone to developing are the same issues that other German Shepherd breeds face.

Elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia are the most frequent health issues in German Shepherd dogs. Dysplasia is a bug considered a distortion of the joints that affects many big canines. The joints can become quite painful, and this can lead to lameness.

Buying from a reputable breeder and getting health certifications from both parents is the greatest method to guarantee your puppy is less prone to any of these illnesses.

Diet & Food Plan

Dogs Diet and food

As you know, White Shepherd is a huge dog, it requires substantial food. It is advised that you feed them a big dog diet, and you should always check the back of the dog food package to determine how much food you must be eating based on their weight.

A White German Shepherd should consume roughly 1500 calories per day, or around 3 cups of food, according to experts. They should be fed three times each day as puppies, then reduced to two meals per day like adults. If you have a hectic lifestyle, this can be reduced to one meal each day.

Their meals must be healthy and wholesome. It should include all of the nutrients a dog of this size needs, such as proteins, lipids, and carbs. Although some dog owners choose to offer their pooch raw food, high-quality dry kibble is a terrific choice.

Compatibility with Families

White Shepherd

A White Shepherd is a wonderful family pet. They are wonderful guard dogs since they are so devoted and will try to defend you from anything unpleasant. However, you must educate them from an early age to recognize that not everything is a threat, otherwise, they will bark for hours!

They require a lot of physical and mental stimulation as working dogs, thus they are the ideal companion for individuals who spend a lot of time outside. Because of their strong energy, they make excellent hiking or jogging companions and will thrive in an active family setting.

They require a lot of areas because they are such huge dogs. This includes a backyard in which they may play. Your German Shepherd will not flourish in a tiny apartment since they will feel trapped and may begin to display harmful behavior.

It will be more difficult to introduce your dog to new objects and people as they become older, but it is still possible. They also get along nicely with other household pets, so there will be no problems and they will quickly become a beloved member of the family.

Playing & Exercise

It should come as no surprise that this white dog breed is highly energetic and requires a lot of exercise. They require a lot of mental and physical stimulation to stay happy as working dogs and as a breed that is frequently utilized as police dogs.

Make sure your German Shepherd gets 60 to 90 minutes of exercise every day. Walking, playing, and mental games are all examples of this. Your dog will also desire a large backyard to run about in, so if you live in a small apartment, they will not get the exercise they want. They may develop undesired and harmful habits as a result of irritation and boredom if they do not get enough exercise.

How to Train and Care for Your White German Shepherd

Biting Shepherd

The White German Shepherd is a highly clever dog that is simple to teach. Because of their easiness of training, they make excellent family dogs, as well as dogs for couples or individuals. You should begin training them at an early age and utilize only positive reinforcement.

Because German Shepherds are headstrong, you should never chastise or criticize them. They’ll also perform much better if you give them plenty of time to exercise before starting a training session. They’re also excellent investigators, so concealing treats and having them sniff them out is a fun game to play!


Your White German Shepherd will shed throughout the year. This is due to the thickness of their coat. Brushing them at least two to three times a week is one strategy to reduce shedding. Bathing is only essential when they seem to be unclean. Brushing their teeth is essential for preventing dental decay and gum disease, but you can also provide them with dental chews daily to help keep their teeth clean.

Grooming your German Shepherd from a young age is one approach to guarantee that it is not a terrible experience for them. This will demonstrate to them that they have nothing to fear.

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Are White German Shepherds good pets?

All German Shepherds, including the White German Shepherd, are recognized for their loyalty. They are fiercely loyal and make great guard or watchdog dogs.

What is the difference between a White Shepherd and a German Shepherd?

White is only a coat color variation, not a distinct breed. White German Shepherd Dogs are similar to German Shepherd Dogs, however, they are white.


White German Shepherds are a loving and devoted breed. These puppies are genetically identical to a tan German Shepherd and are just as protective and like being around you. Your German puppy will become an excellent security dog as well as a lovable buddy to cuddle with on the sofa. These fluffy critters are undoubtedly worth it, despite their high grooming and activity requirements, and we know you’d love to have one in your life!

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