How to Milk a Cow: A Step by Step Guide in 5 mints

how to milk a cow?

If you’ve ever found yourself face-to-udder with a cow and wondered how to get milk, you’re not alone. How to Milk a Cow, Milking a cow is more difficult than it seems. But with this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to do it like a pro. First, restrain the cow’s head so she doesn’t wander … Read more

Do cows sleep standing up? How and why

Do cows sleep standing up

Do cows sleep standing up? It’s a question that has long puzzled farmers and animal scientists alike. A new study has finally provided an answer. Researchers at the universities used GPS trackers to monitor the sleeping habits of cows on dairy farms in different countries. They found that cows typically sleep for about four hours … Read more

The Surprising Truth About Cow Body Temperature, Do Cows Get Cold?

Do Cows Get Cold

Do Cows Get Cold? Cows don’t have furs like dogs and cats, so they probably feel colder than other animals. Cows can endure shallow temperatures. Cows are easy to be affected by the atmosphere temperature. Cattle body temperature affects milk production and is also related to animal resistance, survival rate, feed intake, growth rate, etc. … Read more

Difference between lamb vs sheep

lamb vs sheep

Lamb vs sheep is both mammals that can be found on farms. A lamb is a young sheep, while a female is called a ewe. The difference between lamb and sheep starts with their age difference. A lamb is the young of the species. Usually born after a gestation period of about five months or … Read more

How To start a Dairy Farm in Pakistan

How To start a Dairy Farm in Pakistan

How To start a Dairy Farm in Pakistan Are you looking to start a dairy farm? In Pakistan, the dairy farming business is a very popular subject nowadays as everyone finds it convincing and money-making. How to start a dairy farm in Pakistan. Unfortunately, many people are unsuccessful and wind up finishing their dairy farms due … Read more