5 Long-Haired Fluffy Cow Breed You Need To Know About

Cows are most read and recognized as mutts, much like people. And while you might think that cows have no outstanding features or distinctions as mammals, think again! If you want to add marbled beef from one of the breeds below to your property, read on to learn more about these sweet and fluffy cow breed.

Introduction to Cow Hair Breeds

There are a variety of cow hair breeds that are used for different purposes. The most common type of cow is the dairy cow, which is used for milk production. Dairy cows typically have shorter hair coats than other types of cows. On the other hand, beef cattle are usually raised for meat production and have longer, thicker hair coats to protect them from the elements. Here are some of the most famous cow hair breeds:

Angus: Angus cattle are a popular beef breed that originates from Scotland. They are known for their dark black hide and thick hair coat, which helps protect them from cold weather conditions.

Hereford: Hereford cattle are another popular beef breed originally from England. These cows typically have red and white coloring on their hide and a thick brown or black hair coat.

Simmental: Simmental cows are a dual-purpose breed raised for milk and meat production. They originate from Switzerland and have a light golden coat with black spots.

Brown Swiss: Brown Swiss cows are a dairy breed native to Switzerland. As their name implies, they have a brown colored coat with white spots. These cows are famous for their high-quality milk production.

The 5 Long-Haired Fluffy Cow Breeds

There are many types of cows, but the long-haired cow breeds are some of the most unique. Here are five of the most popular species:

1. Angus: Angus cows are a Scottish breed that is black. They are known for their beef production and have been used in crossbreeding programs to produce some of the world’s most popular beef cattle.

2. Hereford: Hereford cows are red and white and originate from England. They, too, are used extensively in beef production and are known for their high-quality meat.

3. Dexter: Dexter cows are a small breed from Ireland. They can be either red or black and produce high-quality milk. Dexters are also known for being very docile, making them a good choice for those who want a pet cow!

4. Highland: Highland cattle are a Scottish breed, usually black but can also be red or dun (a light brown) in color. They were initially bred as draft animals, and their thick coats make them well-suited to cold weather climates.

5. Jersey: Jersey cows come from Jersey Island, off France’s coast. They are typically fawn or blond in color and produce high-quality milk rich in butterfat.

American Milking Shorthorn

The American Milking Shorthorn is a dairy cow developed in the United States in the early 1800s. The breed was created by crossbreeding two British cattle breeds, the Durham and the North Devon. The resulting cows were more than their parent breeds but had superior milk production.

The American Milking Shorthorn became one of the most popular dairy cows in the United States and was exported to many other countries worldwide. Today, the breed is used primarily for milk production but also for beef in some areas. The American Milking Shorthorn is known for its high milk yield, docile temperament, and ability to thrive in hot climates.

1. The Highland Cow

Fluffy cow breed

One of the most popular and well-known long-haired cow breeds is the Highland Cow. These Scottish cows are easily recognizable thanks to their fuzzy, bright red or yellow coats. Highland Cattle are also known for being very friendly and docile, making them a favorite among farmers and ranchers.

2. Jersey Wooly

The Jersey Wooly is another popular breed of long-haired cow. As the name suggests, this breed originated in New Jersey and is known for its thick, woolly coat. Jersey Woolies are smaller than most other cattle breeds, but they make up for it in personality! These cows are known for being very social and playful, making them a hit with farmers and pet owners.

3. Shetland Cow

Shetland Cow

The Shetland Cow is another type of long-haired cattle that originates from Scotland – specifically, the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. These cows are typically black or dark brown and have a thick coat of hair that helps protect them from the harsh.

3. Texas Longhorns

The Texas Longhorn is a great option if you’re looking for a fluffy, long-haired cow breed. This breed is known for its long horns and ability to thrive in hot, arid climates. Texas Longhorns are also relatively lean, making them a good choice for meat production. In addition to their impressive horns, Texas Longhorns are also known for their docile nature, which makes them a popular choice for petting zoos and other public settings.

4. Dexter

Fluffy cow breed

If you’re looking for a fluffy, long-haired cow breed, look no further than the Dexter. This breed is known for its long, flowing coat, which can range in color from black to red. Dexter cows are also relatively small, making them easy to handle and manage.

5. Rambouillet

Fluffy cow breed

The Rambouillet is an excellent option if you’re looking for a fluffy, long-haired cow breed. Originally from France, this breed is now found all over the world. It’s known for its high milk production and ability to adapt to different climates. Rambouillet cattle are also used for beef production.


While there are many breeds of cows, these five fluffy, long-haired ones are some of the most interesting. Their unique characteristics and abilities provide us with milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products we enjoy every day. What’s not to love about these fantastic animals?

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